Carolyn Lee:  A wife of 50 years [since 1964], a mother of 4 grown children {one who now lives in Heaven since 2014}, and a grandmother of 9 grandchildren. Along with my husband, I have co-pastored a church in Greensboro, NC, since 1998. Having written and published curriculum, provided an online devotional for a few years, I introduce my blog to share biblical principles from the “stretch marks” of life. Some of them came from amazing joys–some, from gut-wrenching sorrows.

The word ‘sunshine,’ in the title of the song, “You Are My Sunshine,” was sung to me through my childhood. When I entered the university, I somehow gained the nickname “Sunshine.” I later came to understand that the only true lasting light came from Son light: Jesus Christ.

Saved since age 13…finishing my doctorate in biblical studies [2015], and have been an ordained minister since 1996 ~ yet none of this matters unless my life is transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ ~ and it touches another’s by reflecting His light.

Thus…my humble attempt: sonshineforgreyskies.com

{The bright sun was illustrated by our youngest granddaughter, Gracie, age 5. Thank you, Gracie}

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