The Shallows

How often do we skim read, while hoping to gain deep revelation. Hurried life leaves us studying at a knowledge pace–doing the ‘cram course’–rather than slowing down to gain true insight. Instead of ‘smelling the roses,’ we spray room spray or don the cologne. Speed reading. Sprayed-on fragrance. Falling way too short.

When our pace is far too swift and shallow, it leaves beauty behind, relationships shallow, and crowded schedules fruitless. There is only One who walks the pace to grasp the beauty of this life: our Lord Jesus. And He invites us to walk with Him…

“Only in returning to Me and waiting for Me will you be saved; in quietness and confidence is your strength;……………….[but you will have none of this].” Isaiah 30:15 The Living Bible

It’s a walk with Him, not ahead of Him, nor lagging behind. His pace will enable us to capture all the beauty He has placed before us.

He crafted this world so that we could hear as He hears…birds chirping, wind through the trees, butterflies fluttering, hearts beating, eyelashes flapping, tummies growling, babies giggling, puppy tails wagging…. Yet how often we fail to tune in to these pleasurable sounds. We’re apt to tune into the complaint channels of life and finding ourselves irritated by the negatives.

“This is the way; walk ye in it.” Returning….rest…waiting…quietness…confidence…strength.

3 thoughts on “The Shallows

  1. This is a blessing to me today. I’m thinking of the old hymn “In the Garden,” and meditating on “He walks with me and He talks with me…” Thank you, Carolyn, for this reminder.


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