A Firm Grip

Our young church days were spent in rented space on the 2nd floor of a downtown building. While leaving church one Sunday, grandson Spencer, about two years old, was walking with me down the stairs to the parking lot. I reached over to take his hand so he wouldn’t risk falling. He said, “No, I can do it myself. Watch me, Maw Maw!”

He took one step away from me, so as to walk independently, and grabbed hold of his little 5″ tie. He lifted the tie up in the air as far as it would reach as he took steps downward. I asked, “Spencer, why are you holding up your tie?” to which he replied, “So I won’t fall.”

“It is the Lord who directs a man’s steps; He holds him firm and watches over his path.” Psalm 37:23 NEB

Though our grandson was proud that he’d successfully descended the steps, no doubt I was close by ~ just in case. So is the Lord who watches over us with great care. He gives His angels charge over us. As the years have passed, and Spencer has begun to drive a car ~ far riskier than descending a short flight of stairs ~ I cannot be right by his side, preventing harm. But I know Who can.

I wonder how many times I’ve insisted upon self-protection, holding myself up by my own efforts, when Father was smiling as He accompanied me through my unwise risks. I’m grateful He holds me firm.

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