Many years ago, I heard the words: “Are you interruptible?” At the time of this question, I had three small children, ages four and under. A bit stunned, I wondered why the Spirit of God didn’t seem to notice how busy I was: three pre-schoolers…two of them in diapers. No one napping at the same time. Nerves frayed. Husband traveling on business two or three nights per week.

‘Interruptible’? The question alone hinted that He wanted in on my busy life. Running on fumes, I was doing all I could to manage the tiny increments of my day … and not doing it very well. In fact, I admitted to Him that I was NOT very interruptible!

Just this evening, when it seemed impossible to formulate a complete thought due to a series of interruptions, I was plagued by His question again ~ this time, with a bit more readiness! I am beginning to learn how to check in with “Headquarters” for grace.

I slipped away upstairs to pray for a huge dose of grace while admitting to Him my low fuel. Stretched across the bed, begging for five stolen minutes, I noticed two big blue eyes searching for me as she rounded the corner of my bedroom. My whereabouts were discovered! My secret intermission was ended.

Am I interruptible? Only if my life is not my own.  Can I hand over the irritations of the moment and exchange them for grace? Will He be Lord over the moments of my day? Only if I permit Him to set its priorities. Those blue eyes, that searched for moments with her grandmother, had that look: “Are you interruptible?”

“Yes, small person, who has stolen my heart…you can spend time with me. What things I deem important are really not as important as you are! I admit I may have to check in with ‘Headquarters’ quite often to smooth out the wrinkles of my soul; but, if grace is mine for the asking, I’m all yours!!”

“He restores my soul.” Psalm 23:3

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