‘Monday morning musters….’ That is, mustering the strength to get moving after several, steady days of expending much energy. I wonder…will I flap or soar?

“Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint.” [Isaiah 40:31] Knox writes: “They shall hasten, and never grow weary of hastening, march on, and never weaken on the march.”

The concept of waiting upon the Lord, according to Dr. Ian Bond, is derived from the Hebrew meaning of the word ‘wait.’ It means: “to bind together by twisting ourselves around the Lord Jesus Christ…” The word ‘renew’ in Hebrew means: “exchange.” So, once I’m bound together with Him, I can exchange my weakness for His strength.

Sometimes this journey with Him is euphoric, as if soaring with eagles’ wings. At other times, with adrenalin running through our veins, we run ~ a spontaneous sprint, energized by His power. But most of the time, it is a walk…a step-by-step, choice-by-choice decision in the ordinary tasks of the day.

According to Dr. Bond’s research, “the New Testament describes the Christian life as a walk 36 times. Most of us live and minister in the walk. Jesus’ greatest ministry was in the slow, common-place experience.”

Eagles have two eyelids; one, for resting and day-to-day living. Their second eyelid enables them to see 3 miles away during a storm, a storm they typically do not dodge. The older they mature, the higher they fly. The closer they are to God, the less concerned they are about things of earth. They “renew” themselves in solitude before facing the storm ~ never flying without pockets of oil underneath their wings. Contrastly, the pigeons flap their wings, trying to fly in their own strength. Thus, wasting energy.

This Monday morning mustering is only flapping. However, by binding together and twisting ourselves around Him, we will “walk and not faint.” Then run. And then soar. Even into the storm.

One thought on “Flapping

  1. I love that verse, Isaiah 40:31. The Lord gave that verse to me for the faith to get my private and commercial pilot’s licenses. He renewed my strength and faith and carried me through with it. Thanks, God Bless, Dave


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