Kindred Spirit

Kindred spirit. A concept that isn’t limited to blood kin. This experience begins when you meet and then somehow know that this relationship could very well be God-designed.

“Elisha pursued Elijah.” [2 Kings 2:2] So the journey begins. You begin by learning how to become a spiritual son or daughter. It is with immense joy, and sometimes internal resistance, that you glean from the wisdom of your spiritual parent, being accountable and receiving correction when needed. Stretching begins. Sometimes painful stretching. Sore soul muscles. Boundaries are necessary. Deeper testings come. Loyalties are intensely tried. Growth continues as you learn to be a spiritual son or daughter. Then one day…

…Endearing ones long to follow you. They desire to learn, to glean, to know more about the amazing God you know and trust. Once the relationship develops, they begin to walk alongside of you, catching the ‘spiritual DNA’…allied in beliefs, in attitudes, and sometimes in feelings. Given time, they walk right into your heart ~ these precious, kindred ones.

The Apostle Paul spoke of sending Timothy to the church at Philippi. [Philippians 2:22] Speaking highly of Timothy’s character,  he testified that he was “like a son in fellowship with his father as he served with me in the gospel.” The trials they endured had proven Timothy’s worth to Paul. Their companion walk gave window for Paul to witness his loyalty, his faithfulness to assigned tasks, and his contentment to remain humble as a servant.

Raising up spiritual sons and daughters in the faith affords some of the deepest joys and satisfaction. Father God questioned me some years ago: “Would you rather someone ask for you or ask for the one you are mentoring to minister at an event?” What compounded joy would come in having one I had trained to be invited instead of me.

God commissions us to “be fruitful and multiply.” Those who are hungry to learn, eager to mature, and long to serve the Lord with all their hearts make for pliable, spiritual children.

First becoming spiritual children … then becoming spiritual parents … yields greater effectiveness.

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