What’s Inside?

If I want to know what’s inside me–the dross that needs to surface–I need only have my will crossed at the intersection of the Cross of Calvary. When my impudent will competes with His will, the dross is revealed. Dross is the waste matter; any worthless, impure matter separated from the better part. [American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828] Paul called it “dung.”

Jesus suffered immense pain and suffering at Calvary, while what was on His mind and heart was me. I might be like Peter and deny Him in ways that were not planned = dross. Like Thomas, I could very well doubt His Word and its effectiveness in my personal affairs = dross. Unlike John, I might not be graced enough to stand by Him in times of great adversity. Dross-ridden, I doubt I would remain loyal. Could I possibly relinquish forgiveness when my enemies taunted and mocked me?

Even when Jesus experienced His Father’s absence, He still called Him “My God!” In the darkest hour of His soul and in horrific bodily suffering, He never broke relationship. All the way to the “It is finished”-line.

What’s inside is what comes out when the lights are turned off. When trust hits the dimmer switch. When faith’s pendulum swings to the other side. When our faith-fuel tank is filled with sludge.

On that day of crucifixion, would I have been with Peter, with Thomas, or with John at the base of the cross, and found believing?

“Take away the dross from silver, and it will go to the silversmith for jewelry.” [Proverbs 25:4]


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