As I listened to my husband share his heart about fathering and spiritual fathering, I heard the voice of a enriched, grace-filled man. His boyhood stories about imprinting with his dad through hunting, fishing and golfing coupled with the times he challenged both parents because of misbehavior were not only heartwarming but real. Though I had known his life stories, once again I heard the satisfaction of the little boy bonding with his dad; I heard the life lessons learned from correction…both aspects being vital in child-raising.

Spiritual shape and form took place as Father God sent just the right men and women into his life as godly mentors. In fact we’ve both gleaned so much from those who formerly walked pathways ahead of us and who shared their wisdom. It’s from these rich, beloved resources that we’ve trained our own children and influence our grandchildren, as best we know how. Oh the joy of watching them impart to others.

Our oldest son shared about a particular day in coaching Pop Warner football. Season had begun this late summer day. Standing at the edge of the field, he saw a young boy running across the field towards him. The boy leaped into his arms, wrapped his legs around him, thanking him for being such a great coach the previous season. We learned that this had been a young boy whom many coaches might have overlooked. Our son mentored him into being a vital part of the team…and he continues to do so with high school football players today.

“Coaching” takes place in many ways and through varied sources. Many deposits of wisdom can be passed on … if grandparents, mothers, fathers, pastors and the maturing believers will take the time to mentor those placed in their pathway. We are both so grateful to those who have sown into our lives; we must pass it on!

We basically live in a “fatherless society.” So many are lost, wandering about aimlessly, waiting to be re-parented, to regain the things that they have missed. Others are simply being encouraged to grow in what they already know.

The young football player had the right idea: Run to your mentor. Thank him or her for all that they’ve poured into you. You may even need to sit at their feet a little longer. You never outgrow the need for coaching through life.

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