Pop Quiz

Rushing out the door, leaving two sick children with my husband, I jumped in the car and sped up to make up for lost time. A pop quiz was about to take place.

About halfway to my destination, the police officer stopped me. I was driving 48 in a 35 mph zone. Remembering very well the teaching I’d recently heard by Derek Prince on how our driving habits reflect our Christian walk, I humbled myself before the officer, and thanked him for protecting me, and others, from my carelessness. I left a shocked officer standing beside his car as I drove off ~ yep, now obeying the speed limit.

In those days, the penalty was a $35 fine, which seemed pretty steep to me at the time. Nevertheless, I submitted ~ with my soul deeply convicted by Prince’s teaching.

Arriving at the funeral home ~ knowing the service had already begun ~ I entered the main door. A Christian brother in our fellowship was in the lobby, having just arrived himself. My face revealed my frustration in tardiness, as well as my concern over being reprimanded for breaking the law. Joe asked for explanation of my frenzied look. I explained not only my violation, but my ticket. He inquired of what fee I would owe. I whispered the amount as we entered the chapel doors.

Three days later I received an envelope in the mail with a check for the $35 fine fee from Joe, with a note saying that the Lord instructed him to give me money to pay for my ticket.

Civil laws are a minister of God, placing us accountable to God. [Romans 13:4] I had pushed the boundary lines, justifying that I was late and needing to make the service on time. But the Lord placed an officer in my pathway for protection ~ a pop quiz ~ and this time I submitted. The reward awaited me and spoke volumes to my otherwise rushed soul.

This pop quiz grade was curved. Next time, I might have to pay the fine myself. Lord, help me to love Your laws that I might obey them.

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