Francie sat with Mom and Dad every meal at their retirement home. Her table choice was because she looked for people who loved to laugh and those who had a good outlook on life. She was a delight and mixed well with my also-delightful parents. 🙂

Francie always had a cute story or a clean joke to tell. She kept her apartment door open all during the day with an understood invitation to come on in and have coffee with her “if you please.” Francie’s heart was always open. When I asked her to tell me how she kept her heart from wrinkles, she would just throw her head back and laugh. I don’t recall if she ever answered me.

On second thought, she did. Her attitude was always upbeat and selfless. She made small note pads from recycled greeting cards that had been donated to her. Her daughter cut the cardboard backing and white sheets of paper. Francie used the tape to bring all the ingredients together. She told us that she called her pastor of her home church in West Virginia to get the most recent church enrollment [close to 200]. Then she would make certain that every one of the members received a note pad. She signed them on the back “With love, from Francie.”

“The joy of the Lord is your strength.” [Nehemiah 8:10]

This amazing woman spread joy wherever she went. Did I mention that Francie was legally blind? My daddy had the privilege of cutting the meat on her plate before she could eat. She was in her 90’s with the usual aches and pains, along with battling colon cancer. None of this ever wrinkled Francie’s soul.

I’ve set my goal. Lord, I want to be an unwrinkled soul like Francie when I get old [oops, older].

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