Declaring War!!

Every November 11th calls to remembrance my parents’ anniversary. Daddy used to tease my mom by saying that “they declared war” [instead of the war ending] on their November 11th wedding day. 🙂 He, of course, was joking. Daddy could do that because they had a good marriage.

I don’t ever remember my parents fighting, nor raising their voices at one another. They remained faithful to each other for sixty four years … an amazing accomplishment in the world in which we live. Though it was more common for their generation to remain married longer than our present one, divorce rates were high enough at that time!

My parents’ witness to me, along with my husband’s parents’ faithfulness to one another for over sixty years, strengthened our foundational concepts of marriage. We are now in our 50th year of matrimony [the celebration of being married], for which I am very grateful! When asked what has enabled us to remain devoted to one another, I give it two replies: “THE GRACE OF GOD!…” and “WORK!” Yes, you have to work at it! Intentionally!…with divorce not being an option as two parties are dedicated to the covenant of marriage.

I celebrate the memory of my parents’ marriage today. It sowed such good seeds into my life. I grieve over those who have suffered at the plight of divorce. God hates it, though He does not hate the divorcee! I understand why. The fall-out is huge ~ even among the most amicably-parting couples and children. Children’s worlds are split right in half! Some recover, with God’s grace; others never do. Others will remain scarred…and possibly pass it on to succeeding generations.

Thank you, Mom and Dad in Heaven, and my in-laws also in Heaven, for working through any differences and solidifying your vows to one another! You were filled with grace!

What we must declare war on is the ploys of the enemy who seeks to kill, steal and destroy homes, the foundation our our society.

“What God has joined together, let no man put asunder!” [Mark 10:9]

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