Joy Restored

Reflecting upon his boyhood, our friend remembered the train set that he and his father built one Christmas. Hours were spent leaning over the tracks and village they built together. A boy’s dream. Special memories were formed that would last a lifetime.

The notion came…why not share this memory with his three grandsons!! So off he went to the store, investing a significant amount of money in supplies to build the train village. All new pieces were purchased: train, tracks, and village pieces. Excitement was mounting as he called his son and asked for the three grandsons to spend the day. The boys had no idea about the surprise.

Sadly, not all memories are appreciated. The three boys could not believe they were being confined to the house .. “To do what??? How boring!!” Off they went outside to play. Granddad’s spirits fell! He spent the remainder of the day inside, all by himself, building his train village.

Time passed and a daughter was born to our friend. At two months of age, having a fitful night, she was unable to sleep or be comforted. Tired mom handed over baby daughter to our friend, and he took her into the room where the train village was displayed. He positioned her on his belly, facing forward, so she could see the lights and the movement of the train.

She quietened down and her little head turned left, then right, as she followed the train down the track. Round it went, bringing joy to her dad. It was then that our friend realized that his little daughter had restored to him the joy of Christmas.

Eight years later, this is one of their favorite joys of Christmas. Our friend says that she carefully checks to make certain there are no displacements nor obstacles in the way of the train’s pathway. She loves her time with her dad, while keeping watch over the village.

Sweet memories are made of such things as this when we allow God to design them. Our Redeemer makes something rich and wonderful out of something otherwise disheartening.

“I know my Redeemer lives.” [Job 19:25]

One thought on “Joy Restored

  1. Carolyn, Thank you for telling that sweet story.
    You left out the part when I threw the nuckleheads out of my house. If this is ever made into a movie, I want Tom Cruse to play me. Look-a-likes are very important you know?

    Oh, your hair looks great… in your picture!


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