The Red Box

Snowy days ~ slow-down days. Roads became hazardous and cold winds began to blow. Icy roads altered my usual activities as my busy pace was idled, then was switched to another gear. Accumulations in closets and over-laden drawers had been a constant ‘de-clutter’ reminder since we moved to our home six years ago. So the tackle began.

The further I dug into the accumulation, the better it felt. The rewards have been: cleared out closets, organized drawers, bags of give-away items to share with the less fortunate, and, most of all, the joy in finding some misplaced treasures.

Among the discoveries was a red box. I couldn’t remember when I’d seen this box nor its contents. Among the precious items were cards and letters to me from my children, written from childhood to more recent times. I laughed and I cried over all the contents.

To name a few: I won’t forget the Valentine card from our late son which read: “To My Sweetheart [hand-written underneath the pretty greeting card words was: ‘To my first sweetheart’]”… Letters from our first son while in college in which he shared his days with us and wrote crazy nicknames to his siblings and dog … A several-paged Snoopy booklet greeting card from him, with pages of ‘thank-you’s’ for the specific things he remembered while growing up in our home … Funny cards from our oldest daughter thanking me for loving her in spite of growing pains [Where did she find such hilarious cards? Oh, how I laughed!] … Misspelled words written in a child’s love language by our youngest daughter in her first attempts at writing in kindergarten — thanking me for cleaning out her ‘droros’ [chest of drawers]. Again, I laughed. I cried. These are mama’s heart treasures.

“I will give you the treasures that are hidden in darkness, and buried riches of secret the places…” [Isaiah 45:3]

Re-visiting their expressions of love have warmed my heart on these cold days inside. The mental recordings of those days were re-enacted and my heart was refreshed. Children are so free to express their love; adult children tend to get a little more reserved about their feelings ~ though they do tell me they love me. Father God knew I needed some reminders of those tender, child-like, hidden treasures in the red box.



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