Never Too Great

My friend of many years and I shared interests in Christian fiction, especially when it came to one of our favorite authors. Our conversations sounded like the chatter of a book club, while rehearsing what was happening to the fictional characters, as if we were discussing living people we knew.

Weeks later, my dear friend was diagnosed with a form of cancer requiring treatment. Weakness set in to her aging body; therefore her reading hobby ended. The thought came to me to contact this favorite author’s office and ask if she had the time to call my friend who was battling this disease. It was a bold move ~ you never know how busy well-known people are ~ nor do you realize how many pull at them to have ‘special time.’ In fact, as days passed, I no longer thought about it, figuring it would never happen.

Two weeks passed, and my sweet friend called exclaiming that she’d received a phone call from the author, and that they had talked for half an hour!! She was elated!!! and indicated that she had learned I had prompted this meeting. No one could have been more surprised as I was that this author did not consider herself “too great” to take time for a sweet fan.

I was gifted with a free VIP “meet and greet” ticket this week to actually have the opportunity to thank this author in person for her kindness to my friend. After reminding her of this phone call she’d made several years ago, I saw the look on her face  as she quickly remembered. She said that the two-week delay in response had been because her dad had been in the hospital and had passed. I said: “You are no doubt a great author; but your kindness and time given to my friend, especially at such a time as this, revealed your godly character.” We hugged, and had pictures made together.

It is my joy to promote those I admire who are building the Kingdom of God. Karen Kingsbury has been anointed by God to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ through story line. One of her books has already been made into a movie [“The Bridge”], and another will be out in May. The Redemption Series, about the Baxter family, is scheduled to be aired on television in September!

Father God is promoting His daughter’s gift and releasing it into our world that is in such need of inspiration in the midst of life’s struggles. Karen’s fictional characters are ‘real’ in that they experience adversities along with the joys of the faithfulness of the One who promised to never leave us nor forsake us.

Thank You, Lord, that Your daughter was not “too great” to love her fan. “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.” [Matthew 5:5]



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