The word ‘retrospect’ came to my mind tonight; so I went to that place…reviewing the past years of my walk with the Lord. I was a young teen when I accepted Him as Savior. I set out to know about Him. No doubt the ones trying to disciple me meant well, yet much of what I interpreted was legalism. It seemed hard, rule-based, and critical. I’ll take the blame ~ perhaps I felt I would have to earn my way into His grace.

Fast forward about 13 years, following college, and parenting three small children at the time, I realized my need for Him. Re-dedication was sincere because I was overwhelmed with the responsibilities before me.  Again, I take responsibility for getting into this needy condition ~ so desperate ~ I had tried to handle life on my own.

As I heard testimonies over the next few years of those who heard His voice, had visions and dreams from Him, and walked in an intimate relationship with Him, I realized how shallow my walk had become. Knowing ‘about’ Him was not enough. Simply knowing how much I ‘needed’ Him was not enough.

I needed to KNOW Him!

Jesus said, “This is eternal life, that they might KNOW You, the only true God and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.” [John 17:3]

To ‘know’ [Greek] means “to be involved in an intimate, growing relationship.”

There’s nothing casual about this kind of a relationship. The reason for salvation was not just to escape the flames of eternal judgment, or to try to earn His grace. It was that His life would work in us and flow out of us. There’s only one way that could happen and it would be from an intimate relationship in knowing the Lover of my soul.

We will search for our greatest treasure with all of our heart. That being our Lord, we will then give ourselves wholly to Him because we’ve learned of Him. He then becomes our ‘magnificent obsession.’ Nothing earned. No longer handling life ourselves. Just seeking to know Him!

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