Twice As Tall

While preparing a birthday meal for our granddaughter and family, I cannot help but think of the generational blessings our family has had. All four of our children knew their four grandparents very well. They interacted with them regularly. We made sure that our children valued every visit ~ never taking them for granted. Their lives were deeply enriched as they were influenced genetically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually by them.

America’s most famous “neighbor,” Mister Fred Rogers, wrote: “Grandparents are both our past and our future. In some ways they are what has gone before, and in others they are what we will become.”

I value this even more for my children and grandchildren because I personally had few generational connections. I never knew my maternal grandparents; both died when my mother was seven years old. My paternal grandfather died when my daddy was eighteen. We visited my paternal grandmother, who lived in Virginia, about every six weeks for just a few hours until she moved closer to us in her latter years of dependence.

I often relive the moments I had with my Granny. She prayed for me. She told me stories of my daddy when he was a little boy. I have his first, spine-broken Bible that he carried to church and read quite often. Granny said my daddy’s hunger for Jesus was evident. His Sunday school teacher said his big brown eyes were like deep pools of water, thirsting to know more about Jesus. Because of that, Daddy led me straight to knowing Him.

Granny and I shared times of singing the hymns; she was so pleased to know that I loved Jesus. Our interactions were far too few; yet her influence in my life brings memories I treasure.

Rogers continued to write: “That each generation could stand on the shoulders of the last and feel twice as tall is a poetic hope for all our families.”

As a grandmother of nine ‘grands,’ it’s my husband’s and my deepest pleasure to be close enough to touch them ~ giving life, warmth and compassion. We enjoy speaking loving affirmations to them. We determine to impart hope to them regarding their destinies. We stand behind them in their endeavors so they will never question how highly valued they are. This is an honor we never take for granted as we offer our shoulders for them to stand on.

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