Sweet Aroma

Jesus said that if I ask for bread He would not give me a stone. Sometimes this thing in my hand [or at least on my heart] sure feels like a stone, weighs like a stone…and may even somewhat resemble a stone. Spirit of God says, “Hold on: you will soon know it’s bread.”

How many times have I said to my natural and my spiritual children, “I’m smelling bread baking in Heaven for you” in this painful circumstance? And truly believing it! While at the same time, I’m waiting to smell bread baking in Heaven’s oven for myself.

“He brought them to the man to see what he  would name them; and  whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name.” [Genesis 2:19-20]

What a powerful act of dominion! Naming our circumstance according to God’s plan gives it the power He intended. I’m free to interpret this ‘thing’ as a curse; yet, given the power of life or death in my tongue, I can say otherwise. I will only embrace grace for that which I believe He’s given to me as a blessing.

Some say my name means:”strong woman of God.” There’s only One who can enable this mortal being to carry His strength. Until He awakens my spiritual  senses to smell bread baking in Heaven ~ the kind that effectively strengthens me ~ I’m confined to my own resources ~ which are grossly limited. The best I can bake are stones.

Once a baby girl, I felt insecure…yet I was made safe. Bread of Heaven fed me well through loving parents. Once a growing, only child, with heart longings for siblings, I was fed bread morsels by the bounty of life-time friends. Once a teen girl, compromised and confused, I was fed forgiveness and redemption. Again, right out of Heaven’s oven. Once an adult woman, perplexed and in search of one who would feed my hungry soul, Bread fed me truth. Once a mother, unsure, sometimes fearful…the Word became Bread. Now a grandmother, oftentimes too stinking sure of myself…Bread has tempered my soul. Never a stone: always bread, fresh out of Heaven’s oven. What sweet aroma! And supplies are unlimited.

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