Anchor Holds

There’s only one anchor of the soul and that is the hope we have in God. The author of Hebrews writes that it is a hope “both sure and steadfast…” [Hebrews 6:19]

We were boating at Wrightsville Beach several years back. Hubby decided to anchor so we could sit back for a peaceful afternoon to enjoy the warmth of the sun. Anchor was cast overboard. He tugged at it to secure its footing…yet we began to drift. The mud anchor was not sufficient; we would need a sand anchor to hold us steady. After a quick trip inland for the purchase, we maintained our steady hold.

An anchor, used to connect a vessel to the bed of a body of water, prevents drifting from wind or current. Its purpose is to hook into the seabed and hold the boat fast ~ that is, unless the anchor is broken out of the seabed by motoring slowly around the anchor’s position, causing it to dislodge. “Anchors aweigh”  means an anchor has broken out of the bottom and/or is simply hanging loose from the rope.

As I recently stood by my loved one who was preparing for surgery, I heard words of hope: “Your anchor holds!” As I spoke those words to him, it seemed to bring much comfort. A short time later I realized how much I too needed to trust the hold of the anchor. I needed hope for my soul, that sure and steadfast hope that would keep me from motoring around in fear and anxiety until hope had become dislodged from my soul.

A verse from Ray Boltz’ song says it well: “I have journeyed through the long, dark night, out on the open sea, by faith alone, sight unknown, and yet His eyes were watching me. The anchor holds, though the ship is battered. The anchor holds, though the sails are torn. I have fallen on my knees as I faced the raging seas. The anchor holds in spite of the storm.”

To raise a human vessel’s anchor [anchors aweigh] is to prepare for departure…the least of which is to become adrift at sea ~ in this case…without both sure and steadfast hope.

The anchor holds!

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