Entering into one of the busiest, most distracting times of year, I read: “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” [Matthew 4:19]  I’ve read this many times over, but “follow Me” interrupted my over-worked thoughts anticipating Christmas. Distractions, deadlines, shopping lists, each person’s specific desires…my mind had become cluttered. I wasn’t following Him; I was busy about many things that, eternally-speaking, would not matter.

I envisioned what following looks like. It means to come after Him ~ with Him in the lead. It means to receive and trust in His Word ~ not the dictates of my scrambled thoughts. It means to imitate Him; that means, in every respect as His disciple. Focus =  out of whack! Sidetracked!

Our youngest daughter was shopping with me at the mall many years ago. We’d been walking close beside one another; yet due to a moment’s distraction, she was out of my sight. Frantically, I scurried around the store, imagining way too many possibilities. About one to two very long minutes later, I found my three-year-old staring at a colorful array of toy items. Her innocent expression conveyed: “What’s the matter, Mommy? I know just where I am!”

Focus set ~ in her own mind, she was safe, secure, and totally entertained. In my mind, on the heels of having been distracted, I was flustered and fearful. So who was guilty of not following? Was it me ~ because of a moment’s distraction? Was it her ~ being distracted by a child’s interests? Maybe both.

A further study of the word “follow” led me to understand that it means to come closer and to join Him…to be fully engaged in His purpose, with nothing passive about our attitudes. Jesus’ disciples even boldly left their means of employment at His invitation. His idea was not to have followers who were lollygagging at a distance, but to have disciples who would accompany Him and assist Him in Kingdom work.

Perhaps I’d been staring at my own array of toys…………and had lost sight of Him.


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