A New Song

A true worship experience cannot be captured on a musical staff. It can’t be practiced beforehand. It can’t be evaluated by the top ten pop chart. It cannot be pre-planned, pre-canned, or warmed-up leftovers. True worship is fresh ~ hot off Heaven’s press…the God-kind-of-worship that is delivered through His people but formed only by the Spirit of God.

I’ve witnessed its manifestation–and I’ve been immersed in it–to describe it is beyond words. The joy that filled me was inexpressible, just as Paul said it would be. It’s unpredictable because it’s not man-planned. It cannot be packaged and labeled because Paul said it was “joy unspeakable.”

The best way to describe the true worship experience is: “You had to be there!”

Once we taste and see that the Lord’s worship is so very, very good, we find ourselves greatly disappointed when our experience is anything less than what we have once tasted. Our souls beg for more…the ‘more’ that only He designs and dispenses.

YouTube is loaded with good music. Television viewing of anointed corporate worship services are very moving. CD’s can be valuable collector’s items. But nothing compares to being in the midst of the river of God yourself, very present in His presence, and receiving the fullness of the Spirit tailor-made just for you.

I can listen to testimony of a great service. I can be touched by a beautiful song. But nothing beats the song He gives me in my own heart…a new song for a new day. A song that is given to me, for me, and is to be sung through me.

There’s a deep hunger designed just for our souls that is intended to only be satisfied by the real, true worship. It’s very essence is “full of glory.” Anything less fails to bear the fruit that was intended. Oh, it can stimulate, inspire, and even motivate…but it cannot deeply satisfy. May we never settle for less.

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