Her Gain

As I listened to her son preach her funeral service today, I asked myself what ‘one word’ could describe Nancy. Approachable came to mind. Though it was 40+ years ago that I sat in her small counseling room of her home, receiving words of wisdom–I remain greatly influenced by this godly woman.

Being approachable means that you are easy to talk to, easy to receive from, and always causing one to feel accepted and loved. Nancy made everyone feel that way.  It was said by one of the women she mentored: not only were you accepted but you came away with tough, transformative truth. And I would say that you didn’t even feel the pain as you had been hit between the eyes with something you needed to learn.

Children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren lined the rows in the service. Each one has been, and will forever be, greatly affected by her life. Filling up the rest of the room were friends like myself who would never be the same having been touched by Nancy’s love and tough truths from God’s Word. I can still hear her say to me: “This is your mountain to climb.” She referred to a tough situation that I wished would go away; but, more than likely I would have to walk through rather than around.

Her favorite scriptures were read. Her favorite hymns were sung by all. It was an endearing Nancy-day that gave tribute to the things she held so dear. Most noted were the comments about the hours of prayer she spent for all of us present–and many more who could not be in this service. Not only that, her prayers live on.

To have a son strong in faith so as to officiate her service, to have a brother weep and share about his beloved sister, to hear family members and friends pay tribute to her life lived fully for Christ is the legacy God intended.  She sowed His love and His Word every moment she lived. Among some of her last words was a scripture from Philippians 1:21: “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” NKJV

[In loving tribute to Nancy Denny Bodie, my friend for 45 years]

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