Memory of the word ‘fickle’ goes back to my elementary school years…longer than I care to remember. I can’t say that I’ve used the word much at all since then; but the Lord has repeated it to me more than a few times lately.

Most of us give ourselves plentiful grace when it comes to deciding whether or not we are or can be fickle. I know I did. I would have voted that I was reliable and honest. Letting myself ‘off the hook’ positioned me to hear an even clearer word from Him. God is faithful to place our clay right back on the potter’s wheel for air bubble removal. [that is, the hot air of self-approval]

‘Fickle’ means: changing frequently, especially as regards to one’s loyalty, interests, or affection. It’s a lack of steadfastness. Loyalty seems easy enough, until it’s challenged by one with whom we disagree. Interests can change with the wind; there are increasing lures that beckon us off the straight and narrow. Affections can change as quick as a mood. Thus, we find ourselves more fickle than we want to admit.

Admittedly, we can be pretty steadfast in certain areas of life. The Spirit of God was after a serious reveal of what I would have called my ‘secret areas.’ Those thoughts that surface from the hidden places of my heart…the ones I hope go unnoticed. But not to Him!

Then He said, “Distractions can lead to attractions.” Allowing my focus to wander to the left or to the right ~ failing to look first to my Lord ~ I find myself following after distractions. David wrote in Psalm 1:1 that we must be careful that we do not walk, then stand, and then sit among scoffers, whom I’ll take a little liberty to call ‘distractions.’ Once we walk up to them, linger while standing, and then sit down with them, they have thus become attractions.  The result is that we will become what we are attracted to.

‘Fickle’? Yes.  “All we like sheep are prone to wander, every one to his own way.” [Isaiah 53:6]



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