Words are containers. They contain the intent of one speaking them–and many spoken words are treasures filled with love. I personally like to collect these treasures. I love the sweet notes written by our children and grandchildren, even the ones scribbled by the youngest one who had yet to practice her letters. The message is still clear.

Our youngest granddaughter Gracie began writing “You are my sunshine” to those she loved as soon as she could shape a few letters or scribble a little picture. Though early on it may have been written somewhat in ‘code form,’ we got the message. It held such endearment that my blog name was chosen from her sweet comment. Then I asked her to draw the picture on the face of my blog when she was just five years old.

My daddy saved every note, every hand-drawn piece of art, every greeting card mailed or given to him and my mother for many years. When our children entered their teen years, he gave them a bound notebook with all of those treasured items encased. Each of our children were deeply and forever touched by the value they both placed on their grandchildrens’ loving remarks–even the ones scribbled.

We have saved many of the cards and letters our children have written to us. An uncle hand-made me a wooden treasure box in which I store the ones that have spoken life to my soul. Inside this treasure box are also birthday love letters and poetry written by my husband. Oh, the power of words! Oh, the endearment of love scribbles.

It is said that we live longer when we live among loving family members and friends who speak life to us. In Mark 4:39, Jesus spoke to the storm and said, “Peace, be still!” Our words can address the storms swirling around the lives of ourselves and others and command peace.  In Matthew 8:13, Jesus spoke to the Centurion regarding his servant, “Go, and it will be done just as you said it would.”  Healing came through His prophetic words; thus, we have His authority to do the same. In John 11:43-44, Jesus spoke to grave-bound Lazarus and restored him to life. Do our words raise people from their darkness…or cause their souls to be buried in despair?

“Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my Rock and Redeemer!”Psalm 19:14 ESV



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