The Spirit of God said to me, “My people are hungry but they are malnourished.” Remembering the scripture, “Blessed are they who hunger…for they shall be fed” [Matthew 5:6], I knew He was faithful to provide all we could need and to satisfy this hunger.

A rich and full banquet has been laid before us to receive through faith in His Word. The banquet is before us, but we must partake. So I listened more closely to His thoughts. He said, “Bibles are carried like lunch sacks, but they don’t eat.” I couldn’t help but remember our children coming home with carefully-prepared, uneaten food items still in their lunch sacks, crushed and crumbled. Lord, is this the way we value Your Word? I’m sure I’ve had uneaten leftovers, ignored, yet they were divinely intended nutrients for my soul.

Then He said, “They wander through the Word like a walk through a supermarket but never purchase.” How many times have I supermarket-selected ‘just those comforting scriptures,’ yet missed the scriptural health-food section–those scriptures I did not underline nor heed.

Okay…if He had not meddled enough! He said, “They drive by fast-food windows, expecting a quick meal, but never taste and chew.” My schedule-packed days leave room for me to squeeze a meal on-the-run. Did I even remember what I swallowed whole while on my way, yes, even to do His work?

The solution is always provided. He said, “My Word carries all the nutrients needful for life, but My people do not still themselves to take it all in. They remain hungry, destitute, overwhelmed, dry, and defeated because they lack the strength and hope My Word brings to their souls.”

“A brief word study is only an appetizer compared to the full meal I have spread before them.” How I love word studies–yet I’m certain I’ve only received a small portion of the context. Banqueting takes time. I remember a few 7-course meals I’ve been privileged to eat. We sat hours at the table as it was designed that we would taste, enjoy, digest, and come away naturally satisfied.

The invitation written in His Word always brings life: “Taste {chew, relish, and re-visit} and know that I am good.” [Psalm 34:8] He’s prepared the perfectly nutritious meal, if we would just chew, meditate, and receive His provision. That’s the only sure way I’m going to personally “know that He is good.”

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