Sneaky Peek

Waiting seems to be one of the most difficult things to do in life. Even those hope-filled prayers we whisper to God require a time of waiting until they are God-designed to be fulfilled. Impatience makes me want to unwrap the answer ~ or at least get a sneaky peek.

As a young girl at home after school, I awaited my parents’ arrival from work. Knowing I had some time before their entry, I would lay on my tummy at the base of our pretty Christmas tree. Curious, I would shake, feel, sniff, and try to guess what was inside the Christmas presents just for me under the tree. Much time had been spent by both parents in wrapping them so neatly. How frustrating it was that what appeared to be an entire roll of tape had been used to secure the edges. Some gifts were easily recognizable; others were a mystery. One I can especially remember had such a funny shape, so I turned it over and over in my hands, trying to guess its contents.

Finally, I couldn’t stand it any longer!!!!!!!!!!!! I grabbed the scissors and snipped the tape at each end of the wrapping. I was careful that the tape was cut straight, so I could neatly replace another piece on top of it when I re-wrapped it. I slid the mystery gift item out of its sleeve. Lotion! Pink lotion! That was my mystery gift. Granted, I was happy to eventually receive this nice gift, but it had lost its luster as I saw it way ahead of gift-giving time.

My prayers that petition Heaven await God’s release. They are wrapped in time ~ time that often seems eternal. They are wrapped in mystery, intentionally because His ways are not mine. And they are carefully planned and purposed by His perfect will–if only I could wait! Oh for a pair of scissors, I’d snip the tape with a heartfelt promise that I’d re-tape my prayer.  Then again, I remember the lost luster of the gift seen days before its time. The joy on Christmas morning was dulled a bit by my impatience to see my gifts ahead of time.

I never knew if my parents guessed my impish search of what was wrapped in mystery. Then again, maybe they did. God knows my curiosity, my impatience, and even the myriad of ways my mind turns the prayer package around to see what I THINK to be the answer to its content.

It’s quite tiring, to be honest. So, I must wait, and trust the Gift-giver that He knows the perfect time of fulfillment.

“He has made everything beautiful in its time.” [Ecclesiastes 3:11]


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