There’s hardly a reader here who hasn’t had the “uninvited” experience. We all can relate to the rejection, inadvertent or direct, that comes from being excluded. Common to man is the need to have someone to know us and like us, regardless of status, rank, or man’s snobbish reasons for their inclusion.

Most all of us have once been invited and then were impolitely uninvited. Maybe it was a party invitation–cancelled. Maybe it was a date–stood up. Maybe it was a scheduled date for fellowship–passed up for something that seemed more inviting than being with you. Perhaps someone just walked out of your life–no explanation.

Today’s news headline involves the withdrawal of a team’s invitation to the White House. Avoiding political or patriotic opinions on the matter, I do relate to what it feels like to be excluded in some instances. I’ve been a participant in childhood games when the two competing sides were to choose their teammates–only to find I was not chosen and was left on the sidelines. I’ve watched others reach goals that I had dreamed of myself, long before I could see the cloud the size of a man’s hand. [I Kings 18:44] I’ve experienced the loneliness of being an only child, while watching larger families enjoy full adventure. Exclusion hurts anyone who has any tenderness of heart–even if we don’t speak about it.

What does one do then, when life serves us the down side? We prioritize. We look through the lens of eternity. What is more important? Being chosen to be on a team in man’s trivial games in life, or being invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb? [Revelation 19:9] That’s an invitation sent out to all; yet, sadly, not all will accept.

There is only one opinion that matters regarding our value, and that is our Father’s. Longing for all to be invited, He extended His invitation to the marriage supper centuries before the event–just in case someone along life’s journey would need to be included, and would want to respond.

I accept, with humility and gratitude. Thank You, Lord, for including me. I’m grateful that You have a measureless love that calls all of us who believe in You to be a part of Your family.  Your invitation fills my heart to overflowing and restful satisfaction.


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