Course Change

Truth always hits us negatively. We might be gliding along at our own pace, and then whoosh, in comes truth, changing our course. Sometimes God halts our plans so that we can be moved into His.

I am learning that even the slightest thing I take for granted could otherwise be altered by the Spirit of God. Preparing to teach again a series that I had written some years ago, I assumed that it would be taught to women–as before. Title was posted, outline was prepared, and word was spread about the upcoming series. Then He spoke: “You didn’t ask Me.”

He had my attention. What was good years ago may not necessarily be appropriate for today. “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry…” [Robert Burns] The Spirit of God said the teaching was to be prepared and presented both to women and to men. This did not change the truth from the Word of God, but it sure changed the presentation.

Job said, “My purposes are broken off.” [17:11] No doubt Job had formed many things in his mind: the good, the natural, the religious, and certainly the enlargement of his estate. He had plans for his children to be settled. But now his plans were frustrated; he was unable to carry them out.

Preparing a teaching does not compare to Job’s sufferings; however, the principle is the same. When God speaks, the course changes. And it always bears fruit where He intends.



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