Hair Care

It’s easily replaceable; it’s just a plastic, wide-toothed comb. So I wasn’t too worried about it being lost. I admit I was puzzled about the mystery as I remembered packing it before returning home from out of town. In fact, I distinctly remembered it being packed with its companion brush.

Our house guest and friend stayed three nights due to power outage, so she graciously helped me search in several places. She and I shared the same bathroom, so we looked carefully together. Hubby checked the trunk. I went through all luggage pieces. No comb. Again, I was not worried–I knew I could replace it.

The following morning, after my friend left for a meeting, the comb appeared in the most obvious place: right on the bathroom counter. I was sure hubby had found my comb, or that our friend had located its whereabouts. Neither knew anything about it.

Could I truly believe that God sent an angel to return my comb to its place? If I did, I would have to believe that God cares about something as small as a plastic comb. That would mean that He is intimately acquainted with every detail of my life. It would also mean that He wants to share His love for me over the smallest of concerns. Do I dare believe these things to be true? Yes I do.

Luke 12:7 reads:  “Why, even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not; you are of more value than many sparrows.” If He concerns Himself about the hairs on my head, He finds joy in providing a lost comb for their care.

There are no natural explanations for this comb’s return to its usual place. Only the supernatural. My God is that personal!


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