The walk of Jesus was decisive. He walked in a specific direction and, no doubt, with a definitive pace. Each step fulfilled the stage of progress with which He intended to obey Father’s leading.

Many times I have said that, if I could remove the “rush” out of my life, it would be far more peaceful. What I am really admitting to is that I am out of stride with the Lord. He is not a taskmaster; therefore, if I listen, heed, and walk His pace, peace remains.

When I am uncertain of His leading, I am to wait. Lessons I am to learn are that steps of faith are never taken out of frantic decisions. In the face of adversity, I am not to panic nor make hasty moves.

“Whoever believes will not act hastily.” [Isaiah 28:16 NIV] The Message version [verses 16-17] reads: “Watch closely, I’m laying a foundation in Zion, a solid granite foundation, squared and true. And this is the meaning of the stone: A trusting life won’t topple. I’ll make justice the measuring stick and righteousness the plumb line for the building. A hailstorm will knock down the shantytown of lies, and a flash flood will wash out the rubble.”

Jesus waited upon His Father in prayer until each path to take was made clear. Seeing the multitude, He went into a mountain to pray. What is the multitude? It can be people; it can be things. It can be decisions yet to be made. It can come in the form of complaints, or any type of annoyance. Whatever is in large number: a mass, a swarm, an abundance, a quantity; that’s a multitude. Our minds falter and become confused by the multitude, whatever the form it takes, if we are not walking in the Lord’s stride.

Jesus knew that upon seeing the multitude through the natural eye, He could be tempted to move by that which He saw or felt. Instead, He paced Himself by Father’s will. He learned the stride of the Spirit.

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