Always and Forever

Present moments will never be again. In my hastiness, how many of them throughout the day have I ignored, dismissed, or slighted? While all of life passes by so quickly, how many glorious moments have slipped by while my eyes have been too dull to see what God has gifted me? Around me there are a multitude of here-and-now wonders. Help me see them, Lord ~ open my eyes.

Thank You, Holy Spirit, that You bring so many to my remembrance. Memory is like having a second chance at catching on to this glorious life. You said, “The memory of the righteous is a blessing.” [Proverbs 10:7] I’ve been so hasty; I’ve been so rushed, that I now need pictures in my mind, and in my hands, to help me re-visit them.

February 16th would have been our son’s 44th birthday. This, being our ‘first’ birth-date after his Homegoing, we are turning our mourning into a day of grateful recall. Paul wrote: “Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.” [Philippians 1:3 ESV].

We are grateful that we were chosen to be his parents. Grateful that he lived to know and love the Lord Jesus. Grateful that he fell in love and married his childhood friend. Grateful that he and his wife bore three wonderful sons. Grateful that we have precious memories to hold so dear, since they must be in his absence.

Our hearts long for his presence ~ the ache is so deep. We look into the faces of his three sons and see his reflection. Our senses are heightened to things we enjoyed together: foods, music, sounds, the smell of his after shave, the blue of his eyes, seasons of nature, his fun-loving disposition, animated sporting events, holidays, treasured and long-time friends ~ all making us so aware of his favorites in life.

Memories will keep him alive in our hearts, just as the Apostle Paul gave thanks because he remembered those at the church at Philippi. The heart draws them forth from memory’s storehouse and relishes past moments of joy.

Among our son’s last words to our family were: “Always and forever … don’t forget … always and forever.” Until we join him in Heaven, memories will help to make him an always and forever present comfort.

2 thoughts on “Always and Forever

  1. Always and forever….how appropriate. Memories of the past can always bring comfort to our heart. Memories are like movies….slip them into the DVD player, hit play & we can forever see our precious ones over & over. Hit pause to relish the the memory of a particular scene. It’s not like having them in person but they are there on tape & forever in our hearts. Be blessed knowing that Patrick is in heaven having the time of his life pain free & waiting on his family to join him in the future!


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