Prayer lives are called to more intensity than ever. Having been inspired [no, kicked in the pants] by the simple, yet profound, message in the movie, “War Room,” I’m clearing out an upstairs closet in which to do warring in the spirit. Though the closet is being readied for full entry, prayer requests and pictures already line the walls.

In the movie, “War Room,” Miss Clara’s home was being sold. The potential buyer, a retired pastor, walked in and out of her previously used war room closet. Puzzled, he asked: “What was this room used for?” When he was told it was Miss Clara’s prayer room, he wasn’t surprised. He said, “It’s as if prayers were baked in the walls!” 

Our September prayer and fasting vigil begins with the theme: “Hope for our Children and Grandchildren Held Captive.” I’ll be ‘baking’ the Word of God in my war room [as well as with our corporate body at church], beginning with: “I will contend with him that contends with you, and I will save your children.” [Isaiah49:25]

The destiny of my children and grandchildren have a strong, sure hope in this biblical promise. Author Greg Hinnant paraphrases Isaiah 49:24-25: “Who has ever heard of spoil being recovered from powerful conquerors? What are the chances of legally held prisoners being released? But God says, THIS WILL HAPPEN! Even the prisoners of the strongest captors will be recovered and victims of the cruelest oppressors released! Why? Because I will personally see to it. I will fight against those who have fought against, and are still fighting, you, and I will rescue your children.”

God promises to release His people’s children from even the most hopeless captivities! So let’s bake!

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