The Winner!

Wrestling matches have never been a personal attraction. Seeing people grapple one another, even as a sport, just doesn’t make sense…to me. Adult men and women purposely injuring one another in order to win a title does not entertain me.

There is, however, something that holds my attention, and that is when we are assured the winner is the Lord Himself. He declared through the prophet Isaiah: “I will contend with him that contends with you, and I will save your children.” [49:25]

These words were spoken at a very tense time when the Babylonians defeated Judah. God had forewarned His people that He would punish them with invasion and captivity, if they bowed down to other gods. Because of  persistent idolatry, it seemed that their lives were utterly ruined.

Gracious as our God is, He offered to them a hope that their children would return free. History proves that He did as He promised. Through King Cyrus, the captive Jews and their children were freed and were able to return to Palestine. He ‘contended’ with those who had ‘contended’ with the Jews.

Many parents observe their children and grandchildren held captive to poor habits, agitating emotional issues, pains from family breakdown, unrighteous social influences, potentially resulting in their turning away from God. Our temptation is to try to step in and fight the battle for ourselves ~ to help God out. More times than not, this interferes with the work of the Lord, and it compounds the original mess.

God has promised … and we must trust … that He will “contend with those who contend with us, and He will save our children.” No one, and no thing, is a match for our Lord!

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