Audience of One

The Apostle Paul admonishes us to know the love of Christ “which surpasses knowledge.” [Ephesians 3:19] Knowledge is something that is contained within the space of man’s mind, while love is beyond containment. The love of God confounds the mind. It’s staggering; its content is beyond man’s comprehension. Paul wrote that this love ‘surpasses knowledge;’ that is, it exceeds or goes beyond man’s ability to rationalize.

The apostle had divine revelation of this love’s width, length, height, and depth. He explained that it could not be measured, could not be limited, nor could it be housed in something finite as the mind of earthly man. It could only be found in relationship to Love Himself.

We grasp to understand what these writings are telling us. Yet Paul writes of something so vast that the human mind cannot fathom it. This love could not be contained, not even while suffering on the cross of Calvary. Nor could death possibly snuff it out. It must be experienced through an intimate walk with Christ.

Both knowledge and love bring increase to our lives. Paul writes that knowledge puffs up ~ it grows, even swells, soul’s pride. Its focus can be found in serving man himself. The mind of man then draws its own conclusions, placing human borders around what it knows. How finite that is!

Love, on the contrary, edifies. It builds upon faith in Jesus Christ ~ and its focus is primarily on the audience of One. Its pulse is found in relationship. If we think that we know it all through our rationale, we really don’t know anything. The knowledge that is most important is the knowledge God has of those who love Him. “If anyone loves God [giving heart attention to the audience of One], this one is known by Him.”

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