These past two days were all-American days for us as my hubby took a sweet friend from another country to Charlotte to take her citizenship test. Though she was nervous, and was brushing up on her quiz all the way to Charlotte, she needed her spiritual daddy with her. While walking the halls, she held his hand tight. She watched his face for clues as to protocol, and rested in the fact that he would take care of her.

Yesterday she passed her test! Tears flowed and shouts of joy came from this precious one who highly values being a citizen of her new country.

Today the swearing-in ceremony was held, again in Charlotte. Another day to remember ~ not only by our new sister-citizen ~ but by 80 others from 43 different countries who wept passionately over this heartfelt patriotism.

Hubby came home very emotional about his past two days. After we talked about it, we decided that every American should witness at least one time what he saw and heard. The American flag, patriotic songs being sung, swearing to protect and defend our country — even to the extent of renouncing former citizenship. There was no doubt in anyone’s minds as to the seriousness of this allegiance.

Sadly, many Americans take our beloved country for granted. Today’s 80 new citizens’ emotions were beyond words. Tears, hugs, and handshakes were their lame attempts to express how grateful they were to be called Americans.

Hands over our hearts, once again we need to pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America! Our loyalty and commitment will be tested, yet there is no greater country in which to live!

Psalm 33:12 “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people whom He has chosen.”



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