Up is Down

It was a cloudy, somewhat rainy day as we laid our dear friend to rest; but be assured, there were no clouds nor rain in Heaven the few days prior as she was received by her Lord! When the news came that my friend had passed, I heard the words: “You’ve been among the great.”

I have to admit I challenged those words coming right out of my soul [or was it You, Lord?]. To say someone has been ‘great’ is to say a mouthful! How many people in our lifetime can we say have proven to be ‘great’? Sadly, few and far between…unless we have differences in opinion as to what makes someone ‘so-called great.’

Nothing compares to what the scriptures define as ‘great.’ Jesus said, “Whoever is great among you must be your servant…” [Matthew 20:26] He continued to teach: “Whoever humbles himself [herself] shall be exalted.” [Matthew 23:12]

Humility is a rare attribute ~ even in Christian circles. To explain the way to become ‘great’ in colloquial terms is, “The way up is down.” Who is one of good reputation? ~ but one who has served mankind. Who is one who is authentic–flawed yet transparent? ~ but one whom we call ‘real.’ Who is that one who faces adversity and never gives up? ~ but one who walks humbly with their God. Who lives to share hope in Christ with others? ~ but one who knows Him well.

Greatness is not measured by the world’s opinion of outward success but by the depth of inward, godly qualities.  The greatest of these humble qualities is love. Since God is love, the closer one walks with Him, the more our inner being becomes filled with His love. Love then may be manifested through compassion and empathy shown to others.

After reading the Word regarding ‘greatness,’ I must agree that I’ve been among the great. She now has her reward: Jesus! Thank You, Lord, for sharing her with us!


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