Wardrobe Check

We’ve watched our sons in football and basketball, beginning at their ages of 8. They both played well in sports, with the oldest son advancing into a college football scholarship. Whether rain, snow, heat, or humidity, we were there to watch them be successful team players. There were just a few times they were benched during the game, yet we knew that even then they had to be dressed and ready to step in at any given moment ~ with hopes of bringing the team to victory!

So it is true about our spiritual readiness. We must be dressed and ready, for the battle rages! Paul prepared the Church for the battle by writing: “Be strong. Take your stand against the devil’s schemes. Put on the whole armor of God!” [Ephesians 6:10+] He wasn’t speaking of IF the enemy’s schemes are waged, but WHEN!

Even while pausing and sitting on the game-of-life’s sidelines, we must be spiritually uniformed and ready to stand against the opponent of our souls. Then, when intensity of battle demands, we’re ready to step into the fray with the weapons of our warfare. When the immediate happens, we have no time to go to the field house to dress.

Wardrobe check: Do we lean upon our own understanding ~ or wear the helmet of salvation, thus having our thinking lined up with God, and being ready to advance in His authority? Are we wearing the ‘shoes of peace’ ~ or are we stirred up in our soulish, emotional reactions? Have we taken up the shield of faith, whereby we overcome ALL the fiery darts of the wicked ~ or are we greatly distracted by the impish cleverness of the enemy? Have our minds been re-orientated to the mind of Christ ~ or do circumstances distort our view? Have we taken up the one and only offensive weapon necessary, the Word of God, as our sword ~ or do we fall into our own understanding?

Paul wrote: “With this in mind, always keep on praying!” Prayer invites heavenly intervention into earth’s struggles; and effectual prayer affords us the rights and privileges promised for battle. Who wants to go to war without the Commander in Chief’s orders and protection?

“And having disarmed the powers and authorities, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the Cross.” [Colossians 2:15]

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