Hob-nailed Boots

One-way love. This term calls to our memories the times we’ve invested ourselves in relationships, only to realize there’s little to no reciprocal response. The reasons for the one-way, no returns-on-investment are varied ~ yet still hurtful.

Relationships are risky. Souls open up to others in hopes that their hearts will not be trampled.  The risk is that we may come away having been hurt by those walking through our hearts wearing what feels like hob-nailed boots. It happens. Hearts get broken. Trusts are jeopardized. Damaging words spoken hang in the atmosphere, and they cleverly replay themselves until they settle deep within the heart.

Until we turn our eyes upon Jesus……

No one gave more love, and at such a great risk of that love remaining one-way, than Jesus. “While we were weak…God demonstrates His own love for us in that while we were yet sinners [in our worst moments in life, our most rebellious, despicable, demonized moments] Christ [remained steadfast in His one-way love and] died for us.” {emphasis added, Romans 5:6, 8}

Before we even knew about Him …when we knew about Him and had the freedom of choice to respond…He took the risk and loved us anyway. The nails brought Him immense, immeasurable pain. While hanging on that rugged cross, His mind was not only on those who would bring Him joy, but also on those who would hold steady the nails to be driven.

He gave the most amazing response: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” He humbly and sincerely forgave them. He released them from judgment. In doing so, He freed Himself. Risky, one-way love became His cross to bear and it triumphantly resulted in blood-bought redemption.

The call to love is a call to be light-bearers. While darkness lurks in the shadows of cold, non-responsive hearts, light has the greater power. Jesus demonstrated this all the way to His last breath. Thieves hung upon crosses on either side of Him. One would see that Light, receive Him, and be with Him that very day in Paradise.  The other would reject the light of His love.

The nails, however, could not hold Him back.  One-way love prevailed.

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