Jesus promised us that, if we drank from Him, we would never thirst again. He is our Source of supply to our  well of salvation. In John 7:38 He declared that “out of our bellies would flow riverS of living water.”

What He offered was at no cost to us, yet was paid dearly by Him. That Source of water is continually satisfying to the soul. It flows downward from Him to the mouth of the river ~ that is, the mouth that is thirsty. Water then collects and is intended to thereby flow.

Tracing the effects of water, we see mature rivers have many tributaries flowing outward “into all the world,” and bringing refreshment and supply to drought-affected areas. Even youthful, trickling streams can bring life to their surroundings.

Water does not always take the shortest route; yet there will result a collection of much-needed moisture. It can also meet with freezing conditions…with a promised time of thawing.

Rivers flowing out of the spiritually hydrated believer are expressed by worship and praise. If the rivers could speak words, they would rejoice in God’s wondrous love. No doubt its life-giving supply speaks its own language. Rivers can overflow their banks, thereby having their waters testify of God’s bounty.

Rivers flowing out of the filled believer converge with those in need of God’s grace. Rivers from within are transporters of His gifts of the Spirit. Rivers of prayer and intercession release power much like that which is released by a hydroelectric plant that supplies power to a city. We are “endued with power from on high.” [Luke 24:49]

As we “come to Him,” as He admonished, out from our inner being will flow dynamic, vibrant resources. He first desires to flood all compartments of our souls. As He flows into us, and then outward, we pour into a dry and thirsty world.


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