Letting Go

Off to school ~ back to school ~ our nine grandchildren are in differing phases of life. Whether in college, high school, middle school, or elementary…they are growing up way too fast for me. Still waiting for grace to adjust to the empty nest of our four children [one graduating Heavenward and leaving an enormous vacuum], I’m now observing our grandchildren spread their wings and fly into their destinies.

Next to waiting, letting go is by far the hardest thing the Lord ever asked us to do. 

I hold tight to the moments spent with each one of our family members. Some of their schedules only permit text messages these days. This mother and grandmother just can’t help herself; I’m finding this falls desperately short of satisfaction. I miss hugs, voices, and facial expressions.

Our advancing technology has reduced communication to pings, emoties, and text codes. Arrrrgh! Yet, I find myself strangely thrilled to receive even one brief one. I guess I’m trying to settle for the less than.

From day one, we begin preparing our children to leave the nest. Anyone but me want to repent? [Just kidding–then maybe not.] Perhaps we’ve done the job too well. My mommy’s and MawMaw’s arms ache. I long to still be needed by my family…and essentially I am…just in different, sometime distance, ways now.

Someone recently said, “Hold that baby tight; next week they’ll be in college.” If that sounds exaggerated, just be a mom or a dad…or a grandparent…and you’ll understand.

Father gave His only Son. Though the plan of redemption was already divinely set, Perfect Love had to have experienced something akin to our loneliness when the incarnate Jesus was separated from Him at Calvary. Father, help me to understand how You endured that.

Jesus endured the Cross “for the joys set before Him.” Again…separation required much, much grace,  and vision.

So, Father, grace me to let go…to truly release…to understand the “how-to’s” in holding on in these new job descriptions. I reallllly want to squeeze tight and say, “Don’t leave.” You say, “You must let go.” That being true, please show me how.

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