How many times have I either read or heard spoken Hebrews 11:1? “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” The umpteenth time I heard it, when hubby was preaching, a certain cluster of words grabbed my attention: “Faith is…evidence!” Hearing every subsequent scripture he read to support his message, I heard the word ‘faith’ in a new way. As I listened, I embraced faith as evidence.

The legal system requires evidence for a case to be supported…and thus rules that it is beyond a reasonable doubt. In civil litigation, the standard that must be met by the prosecution’s evidence in the handling of a matter is that no other logical explanation can be explained. In other words, the matter is beyond dispute. This settles the matter in the courts in the natural dimension.

Faith in the spiritual dimension, however, is evidence in the already-established courts of Heaven. True faith in God and His Word provides the evidence that supports a matter in Heaven’s court, beyond any reasonable doubt. The substance of faith is the very essence of what builds hope…the foundational truth of His Word.

“Without faith [evidence], it’s impossible to please God.” [Hebrews 11:6] In other words, the matter is settled in Heaven, but, until I have faith and release it as the evidence in my request before Him, it does not support. On the other hand, when He realizes my faith, has actually already defended my case,  He has ruled that His Word sent forth will accomplish that for which He sent it. [Isaiah 55:11] Not only that, He watches over His Word [evidence] as the enforcer to perform it, or bring it to pass. [Jeremiah 1:12]

Thus, I must release my faith [evidence], convinced that the matter has been and is beyond dispute. Faith in Him who is the same yesterday, today, and forever, is my case evidence in Him who is not a man that He should lie. [Numbers 23:19] His Word stands up as undisputed evidence in the courts of Heaven. It is eternally true!

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