The teaching was quite a few years ago, yet it left deep imprint upon my mind. I heard Derek Prince teach about how our driving habits can be ‘indicators’ of our walks with the Lord. My how this meddled with my driving habits and left deep conviction.

On my way out of town, I inched above the speed limit. After all, cars were flying past me; some nearly took the paint off my car. Okay, that’s an exaggeration–but I was emotional about their apparent safety in speeding. So, I complained.

“Why, Lord, do You permit these drivers to sneak right past the patrolman…yet You put a holy fear in me that, if found speeding, I will get caught?” His answer [which I’ll never forget]  was “You are Mine, so therefore I hold you more accountable!” That settled that!

We are called as ones set apart by the Master. Our walks AND our driving must reflect godliness. Why is it we give ourselves permission to drive recklessly while {hopefully} feeling stronger conviction about our walks, or our talks? Is it because we might be alone in the car and feeling over-confident that no one is looking?       He is.

The last speeding ticket I received was 40-some years ago. I’d left the house late because two of my children were not feeling well. The funeral was to begin in five minutes; my travels would take at least ten. Self-justified, I slinked past the 35 mph sign exceeding about 10 mph. Blue lights appeared. Ticket was served.

Total recall came to me of the teacher’s voice, so I sincerely thanked the policeman for being there to protect me and others from my careless driving. I arrived at the funeral home, though a bit late. A friend was arriving late himself. When he inquired about my ruffled expression, I relayed what had happened. I shared that I honestly had learned a lesson from Derek Prince’s teaching. God had placed the policeman there to protect me.

An applause from Heaven: Two days later, a check arrived in the mail from my also-tardy friend. He wanted to pay my fine.



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