Just Imagine

My husband and I have walked out of theaters when language and content were not acceptable for our souls. Even prior checking of the rating is seldom accurate for the standard which we feel is biblical and best for us. This calls to mind though how many mental movies have I produced in my own mind…and didn’t ‘walk out’?

Our imagination ~ God-given as it is ~ can be misused to produce some pretty bad scenes. Most of the things we imagine are not reality. In the most God-creative way, they are to be used to create and even invent something that will benefit society. In the most devilish way, the imagination can be used to fulfill satan’s job description: kill, steal, and destroy. His favorite tool is deception ~ with fear in the other hand.

In the midst of watching a movie, as few as they are, we will look at each other and ask, “Should we either walk out of this theater or turn off the television selection?” Yet, how many thoughts do I interrupt and say, “You are on the wrong station! This is a horror film! This is not a godly production going on in your imagination! TURN IT OFF!”

Imagination is intended to be a beautiful gift. Pictures in the mind have creative ability to form images, ideas, and sensations that can come without input from other sources other than God Himself. Some of our most marvelous inventions have come this way. God revives the mind; and, from His inspiration can come beauty and benefit for His children.

Imagination can diminish or it can increase a perception. Without the renewing of our minds in God’s Word, and thus knowing His nature and love for us, we can become “movie producers” of some of the most horrific imaginations.

There’s a large gap between the lone thoughts of the human mind and the joy that Jesus offers to us in the abundant life. Within that gap is provided a God-given bridge from this world to Kingdom-thinking. God uses our imaginations as groundwork for progress. Contrastly, satan is the destroyer who halts, maims, and frightens us within the same mental capability.

This beautiful God-given gift helps us envision the possibilities in between who we are [in our natural way of thinking and being] to whom we were made to be. Just imagine…but be careful what ‘movie’ you are producing when you do. Either we co-labor with our Lord to create a divine pathway or we dig a dangerous rut.

“Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” Romans 12:2




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