My Prayer Partner

Jesus said it was necessary that He leave earth and then send Holy Spirit [John 16:7]. Had I been a disciple of His in that day, I would have revolted. Walking with Him, observing miracles, signs and wonders, I would have thirsted for so much more. Listening to Him teach wondrous truth, as well as some hard sayings, I would have craved for more. At least I think I would have, until I fight this flesh of mine.

I live in a different time, so that close encounter with Jesus is not possible. To natural thinking, this leaving earth for Heaven seems like abandonment. He walked the earth, and left an eternal transformation to mankind, if the decision was made to accept Him. Then He said He must go.

Accepting the fact that Jesus is no longer here on earth, I realize that I am in need of knowing the One who is. Holy Spirit, the one who walks alongside me, and who lives within me, can perhaps become the most neglected, overlooked God of the Trinity. His invisible, yet often so tangible, presence is a mystery. He longs to make Himself known while we ignore knowing Him. He desires to teach us the ways of Jesus, and introduces us to the Father; yet we find ourselves far more interested in other things than Him.

It was several years ago that it dawned on me that I didn’t really know Holy Spirit. So, I simply said, “Holy Spirit, I don’t really know You. I’m going to sit here in this place until my soul realizes You are with me. I’m going to remain silent, but deeply interested, in hearing Your voice. You promise that I will know Your voice, so I’m listening.”

The first time I did that, there was a long pause–it seemed for-ev-er! It occurred to me that He waited to see if I really meant what I said. At the same time, He knew my heart’s desperate plea to know Him. So He made Himself known to me. Words cannot describe it, except to say that when I felt His loving presence, I was home.

Holy Spirit became my prayer partner–the One who never leaves me–the One who is never too busy–the One who does not play the field as if He’s interested in so many other things that He has no time for me. I learned to trust Him. I learned that I could pour out my heart to Him when I was hungry for Him, thirsty for truth, and when I was forlorn in my soul. The Comforter is mine, just as He promised. I could never long for another.

So, I’m purposing to stop every few seconds of the day, and move close to the One who has already positioned Himself near me. We walk and we talk. I’m home.

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