That Settles It

We must decide: Do we believe Father God is good, or not? His reputation–that is, His reputation according to us personally–is what determines what we will actually entrust to Him. He needs no defense, for He is the I AM, the One to whom we all bow [or will bow] our knee. Yet, when it comes to personally receiving this boundless, measureless love from the One who is Love Perfected, we must decide whether or not we trust Him to be who He says that He is.

I AM is the most powerful and challenging name above all names. Not only is it the name who called creation into being, but this name is the same yesterday, the same today, and the same forever. There is nothing about Him that changes. His heart is set upon His Kingdom and upon His children through whom He will establish it on the earth. He cannot love us more than He loves us; neither can He love us less. His love is pure and changeless.

We’ve been placed on this earth for this time. Our assignment is unique to what He has divinely planned. Whether we understand all that He is doing or not, we soon come to learn that the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. What He has made is good because He is good. It is what man does out of evil intent with what He made that can distort its beauty. Father God, however, never changes. He’s good. He always will be.

Whatever I choose to believe, or not to believe, I will certainly come to know that He is a good God. His very essence is love; yet it’s not a love that mortal beings can fully grasp. This agape love is beyond human understanding. It’s beyond any kind of emotion which we may try to muster. It’s a kind of love that’s birthed out of divine goodness. Though undeserved, it is amazingly ours to receive.

To sing or to say “He’s a good, good Father” are words that are actually beyond our comprehension. Our song or our proclamation is born out of a pursuit of that which completes our sense of safety and wholeness. Thus, by faith, we choose to believe that He is who He says He is.

Someone once said, “God’s Word says it, I believe it; therefore that settles it.” I have come to understand that the more accurate truth is: “God’s Word says it, that settles it, whether I believe it or not.” Since we live out of what we truly believe [not just say], then it is imperative that the question be settled in our souls: Do we believe He is a good God, or not? Whichever decision we personally come to, it changes Him not. He remains forever good.

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